Autistic Writing Competition 2022

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Answers to frequently asked questions – last updated 2022-10-01


This is a theme-based, short-form writing competition.

The theme for this competition is the autistic experience.

The word limit for this competition is 5000 words. You may choose the genre.

Submit your entries using this form. Entries close on the 12th of November, 2022.

Winners to be announced towards the beginning of December.


Bookstore gift vouchers and books – courtesy of Gleebooks, Elizabeth’s, and Constant Reader.

Writing lessons – courtesy of Spectrum Writing, who are judging the competition.


This competition is open to people resident in Australia who are already, or will be, the age of eighteen (18) on the 12th of November, 2022.

Contestants do not need to be autistic. Submissions by autistic contestants are encouraged.

Contestants shall enter the competition by filling in the provided Submission Form.

Submissions shall be in English.

Submissions shall have a word limit of five thousand (5000) words.

Submissions shall be made publicly accessible via the Internet for judges to read in one of three formats:
* Link to a web page (HTML)
* Link to a Google Doc in read-only format.
* Link to a PDF file. This can be uploaded to contestants’ personal web space, or to a file sharing service such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

Contestants may make multiple submissions during the submissions period. However, only the last submission made by a contestant prior to the closing date will be judged.

Submissions can be in any genre and will be judged on how well they articulate the competition theme.

All submissions shall be contestants’ original work. No plagiarism is allowed. No works based on material which contestants do not hold copyright shall be allowed; this means “no fan fiction”.

No works that promote the belief that applied behaviour analysis as a suitable therapy for autistic people shall be allowed. No works that promote the belief that vaccines cause autism shall be allowed. No works that promote the belief that autism can be cured and/or is a disease shall be allowed. Submissions which include – but do not promote the aforementioned subjects positively – might be allowed.

The deadline for submissions shall be Saturday, the 12th of November at 11:59pm Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time.

The judges’ decisions on entries are final.


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