SACLC Monthly Meetings

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Date(s) - 28/02/2028
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Recurrence: Monthly
Event Description: Our monthly meetings, where all who are service minded and all who wish to bring about genuine improvement in the lives of autistickind, are welcome! Service minded autistic people are ESPECIALLY welcome!

Join us, wherever you may be in the world, for hours of fun, fellowship and forward-thinking!

We open up the connection at around 6:30pm, where we all have a casual chat and get to know each other in a fun, safe, judgment-free environment.

Then at 7pm, the meeting is formally called to order. A typical agenda:

– Acknowledgement of Country.
– Approving of last meeting’s minutes.
– President’s Report, where we go over what the club has done recently and what we are going to do in the near future.
– Treasurer’s Report, in which the financial state of our accounts is shared, so that you can continue to be assured of our fiscal responsibility.
– Project Committee Reports, where we discuss the progress of our current club projects and where suggestions for other projects can also be made.

Sometimes we might have guest speakers, presentations, or other activities such as hackathons, which would mean a slight alteration to the schedule.

Once the formal business of the meeting is concluded, the floor is once again opened to participants to speak their mind and just hang out and enjoy themselves 🙂

How is the event autistic friendly?: Our club is autistic-led and autistic-run. This is true of our meetings as well. We understand your needs… because they are our needs as well!

Since our meetings are conducted over Zoom, you will likely be within the safety and comfort of your own home, away from the sensory nightmares found in RSL clubs, sports clubs and the like.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and/or just need to take a break, you are more than welcome to leave the meeting… and are more than welcome to return, if the connection is still up.

There’s also no obligation on your part to speak or to even have your camera on. Feel free to just listen – we appreciate your company all the same, and we know that even listening to other people can be beneficial. Use the chat feature in Zoom if you feel more comfortable communicating via text. We want our meetings to be as accessible as possible.

Event Type: Free
Special Conditions for Carers: All are welcome, including carers!
Event Suitability: Since our membership is comprised of autistic adults, occasionally adult themes may be discussed, and adult (coarse) language may be used during the meeting. We try to keep our discussions at an Australian Classification Board M-rating level (or MPA PG-13) at most.

Whilst we don’t set a hard age limit in terms of who can participate, please be aware of the above when deciding if our meeting is suitable for you or your child.

In line with Lions Code of Ethics and Purposes, we try not discuss issues that relate to partisan politics or religion, otherwise there are generally no topics of discussion that are out of bounds.

Name of Organiser : Sydney Autism Community Lions Club
Phone: +61 415 091 849
Link to event:

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