Talk: Conquer Your Fears – Charif Kaiss

Our honoured guest at our meeting this month was Charif Kaiss, Founder and President of the not-for-profit organisation Crush Kancer with a Smile, who gave a moving and inspiring talk on conquering your fears and overcoming adversity… all the way from Lebanon!

Whilst this is certainly a diversion from our usual autistic-themed programme of talks and activities, we felt it to be a worthy inclusion, as the themes of overcoming adversity are universal.

Charif is a cancer survivor, having come close to death three times in the space of a year. Having prevailed against cancer, Charif was inspired to found his not-for-profit, whose aim is to help with the fight against cancer and to help all who suffer from cancer in the world by any means.

You may be wondering why the word ‘cancer’ in the name of Charif’s not-for-profit is misspelled with a K. Charif said that history is written by the winners and since he won the battle against cancer, he has earned the right to spell that word as he chooses. He certainly has a way with words!

This is just a taste of what to expect from Charif’s talk, which you can experience by watching right now.

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